Eswatini Kitchen

The National Honey Industry

Eswatini Kitchen is actively contributing to the creation of a honey industry, in 2008Eswatini Kitchen became a founding member of the National Honey Council, an organization whose objective is to develop the honey industry in the country, and congregates all interested stakeholders (Government, NGOs, processing plants and beekeepers cooperatives). The NHC is actively organizing initiatives to achieve top quality production meansand increase export opportunities for Swazi honey, while working to improve the economic and social conditions of beekeepers. It also facilitates training for interested people to become beekeepers.
In 2007, we started our Community Outgrower Programme in rural areas where flowering plants and trees thrive, to guarantee top quality delicious honey. Through this programme we train rural people in different regions of the country to become beekeepers, and do follow ups through regular workshops to upgrade their skills. The new beekeepers also receive support from experienced, local beekeepers who we employ as project extension officers.
To date, we have trained more than 250 rural people to become beekeepers.